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( Download E-pub ) Å Await Your Reply â The Lives Of Three Strangers Interconnect In Unforeseen Ways And With Unexpected Consequences In Acclaimed Author Dan Chaon S Gripping, Brilliantly Written New NovelLonging To Get On With His Life, Miles Cheshire Nevertheless Can T Stop Searching For His Troubled Twin Brother, Hayden, Who Has Been Missing For Ten Years Hayden Has Covered His Tracks Skillfully, Moving Stealthily From Place To Place, Managing Along The Way To Hold Down Various Jobs And Seem, To The People He Meets, Entirely Normal But Some Version Of The Truth Is Always ConcealedA Few Days After Graduating From High School, Lucy Latti Sneaks Away From The Small Town Of Pompey, Ohio, With Her Charismatic Former History Teacher They Arrive In Nebraska, In The Middle Of Nowhere, At A Long Deserted Motel Next To A Dried Up Reservoir, To Figure Out The Next Move On Their Path To A New Life But Soon Lucy Begins To Feel Quietly Uneasy My Whole Life Is A Lie, Thinks Ryan Schuyler, Who Has Recently Learned Some Shocking News In Response, He Walks Off The Northwestern University Campus, Hops On A Bus, And Breaks Loose From His Existence, Which Suddenly Seems Abstract And Tenuous Presumed Dead, Ryan Decides To Remake Himself Through Unconventional And Precarious Means Await Your Reply Is A Literary Masterwork With The Momentum Of A Thriller, An Unforgettable Novel In Which Pasts Are Invented And Reinvented And The Future Is Both Seductively Uncharted And Perilously Unmoored Jacket Await Your Reply examines the question of identity in old and new ways Throughout the book there s a philosophical undercurrent dealing with that ancient question of what constitutes a self The plot ties into that question using the recent issue of identity theft, which allows people to erase their life histories and be an entirely different person The exploration of these themes was, for me, the most appealing thing about the book The switches and stumbles of the characters made me think deep thoughts Who are you, really, if you strip away all identifying markers Are you still the same person if you abandon all the touchstones of your selfhood Would I want to walk away from my entire life Just ditch everyone and everything, like these characters do The answer is NO I gotta be me, for better or worse The story and its resolution or lack of one was a bit of a let down The writing is excellent The characters are original and well defined But as I began reading, I felt like I d been duped It s supposed to be a novel In reality, it s three fragmented novellas that are supposed to converge and never quite do so in any satisfying way You get alternating chapters of the three stories, which appear to be unrelated for most of the book The connection is revealed sort of by the end But it seemed to me that Chaon had a superb idea for an elaborate plot and couldn t quite find a way to bring it to a grand conclusion All my cluck clucking aside, I do recommend reading the book It s interesting and thought provoking, and at times humorous I loved the irony of identity thieves having their stolen identities stolen from them My big crack up moment was when Ryan saysWhat do you mean, stolen your identity Which one Dan Chaon s Await Your Reply is literary fiction psychological mystery with identity theft, missing persons and internet scam all rolled into one A major theme is the enduring discussion of what subsumes the identity of self I am mindful that to say too much about the plot would constitute a spoiler The bare bones of the story are Miles is on a seemingly never ending search for his ingenious but schizophrenic identical twin, Lucy has just abandoned her real life and is about to embark on another and Ryan has just discovered his whole life has been built on a lie The novel is punctuated into chapters which deal with each of these characters it carefully metes out suspense wherein these lives will intersect thus providing the compulsion to see what proves to be a truly unsettling finale Chaon is a masterful writer his prose is even, refined and never heavy handed This novel is a disturbing, intriguing and compelling read if it is indication of Dan Chaon s talent, then I definitely want to read 4. These were characters you could really sink your teeth into, and for some reason most of them reminded me of my estranged uncle I loved the prose, the road trips and the mystery that surrounded this book Each chapter will leave you wishing for , but you will have to wait Read this book before they make it into a movie and ruin it. Are writers as a breed inclined than most to think about identity It seems like they would be They re always trying to get inside characters heads In the case of this particular author add the fact that he grew up as an orphan and maybe it makes sense he s so good at depicting the mutability of self In the three different storylines the key figures show both the ability and proclivity to change It quickly becomes apparent and thus does not qualify as a spoiler to mention that identity theft is the main theme Part of the process is reinventing a new person and another part is dispensing with the old one Both offer drama.One of the interesting, though not altogether convincing, elements of the book was the stark contrast between identical twin brothers It didn t seem plausible that one could be so conventionally nice and easily led while the other was so wickedly smart and potentially unbalanced The differences made for plenty of conflict, though, which we all know from Writing 101 is a good thing.I won t say anything about the three separate plots or how they tie together, but I will say that it was cleverly done The writing was excellent throughout I liked it well enough that I ll probably try another Dan Chaon book some day, that is, assuming this wasn t some one off under a nom de plume.