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!EBOOK ♹ Anything Worth Doing ♭ National Outdoor Book Award Winning Anything Worth Doing Tells The Unforgettable True Story Of Larger Than Life Whitewater Raft Guides Clancy Reece And Jon Barker, Two Men Who Share A Love Of Wild Rivers And An Unbending Will To Live Life On Their Terms, No Matter The Cost Clancy S Motto, Anything Worth Doing Is Worth Overdoing, Leads Them Into A Decade Of Beautiful And Beautifully Strange River Adventures Then, On June In Pursuit Of A Hour Speed Record They Intend To Share Only With A Handful Of Friends, The Men Launch Clancy S Handmade Dory, His Proudest Possession, Onto Idaho S Renowned Salmon River At Peak Flood Of An Extreme High Water Year This Time The Odds Catch Up With Them With Clarity Reminiscent Of Krakauer S Into The Wild, Whitewater Veteran Jo Deurbrouck Carries Us Down The West S Great Rivers And Into The Hearts, Minds And Homes Of That Rare Breed For Whom Security Is Optional But Freedom And Passion Are Not Anything Worth Doing Taut And Efficient, Yet Rich With Insight Is Well On Its Way To Becoming An Adventure Classic Writing a book with a cast of living characters can be as confounding as navigating the whirling waters of a wild river At every turn, the author feels the weight of her characters reactions to how they have been portrayed Creatively writing about real events is just as confounding as writing about living characters Just how does one breathe life into the narrative while staying faithful to the facts The facts themselves drive questions about what is real and what is imagined Somehow Jo Deurbrouk has successfully mined these treacherous waters with skill and grace in her book Anything Worth Doing The book tells a harrowing tale of two men whose friendship is built upon mutual respect, shared values for adventure, and shared love of interacting with moving water The book is as much about loyalty and kinship as it is about adventure Both men are driven to reach for stars that seem unreachable Formerly a professional guide on the Lochsa River in Idaho, Deurbrouck employs her own knowledge about rivers, water, and the people who love rivers to develop her characters and offer insight into why two men would feel compelled to ride the untamed Salmon River at it s precise peak, challenging themselves to log as many miles as possible in one uninterrupted 24 hour period.By steering clear of too much jargon, Deurbrouck s book is accessible to any reader, river rat or lay person It s a page turner to the very end Thankfully, Anything Worth Doing is not overdone It s done just right. This is an amazing read The story is poignant and inspiring at once all the for being true Jo Deurbrouck s writing fits the story perfectly crisp, clear and vibrant, like whitewater The tension of the story is amazingly held despite the lack of mystery about the ending I am giving this book especially to my paddling friends. I randomly bought this book at the North Fork, ID, cafe mini mart because I had just finished Tarzan of the Apes , which I had picked up at a used bookstore in Laramie, WY unaware that that very business appears in the book several times, or that, as we traveled on to Salmon and Stanley, both of those places would also show up in the book as would the Sawtooth Range and, most prominently, the Salmon River I m not sure I would have enjoyed the book quite as much as I did if I hadn t been experiencing its settings first hand as I read, and if I hadn t gone river rafting for the first and second time in my life on the Salmon River during that time as well.That being said, this is a remarkable story and a beautiful book Author Jo Deurbrouck s moving and engaging, often poetic, prose brings to life the two unique protagonists and the river lifestyle they love and fight to maintain as the wilderness around them is tamed, the rivers dammed into submission.Two of my favorite quotes On a shrunken planet where nearly every mountain bears bootprints and every mile of river has been run, being first tends to require creative task definition 111 one of those moments had just passed, a moment in which normalcy becomes crisis and then flips back so fast it s hard to hang onto the significance of what has just happened 143. Disclaimer Jo and I know each other on Twitter, although not terribly well and certainly not well enough to make me inflate my praise for her book, which is lithe and fast moving and marvelous It is also almost wholly unsentimental, which is a difficult feat considering the story it tells If there is one thing Jo fails to do, it is surpass the clear, calm, heart catching writing of her own subject from whose doodles she is wise to include generous excerpts but no one could have been expected to do that This is a book for river lovers, sailors, adventure seekers and admirers of adventure seekers It can and probably will be read in less than a day But as with the most momentous of the trips it chronicles, that day will compress time and space. Some of my favorite books are non fiction adventure stories books like Into Thin Air A Personal Account of the Mt Everest Disaster, Kon Tiki, and Touching the Void The True Story of One Man s Miraculous Survival I suppose a lot of this has to do with the fact that I fancy myself a light weight version of an adventurer so reading great stories like these can mentally, if not physically, transport me to the time and the place in which the adventure is actually happening, all from the safety and comfort of my living room Anything Worth Doing deserves a place among the very best of true adventure books This story of three mens disastrous attempt at floating than 200 miles in a single day on the flood swollen Salmon River is as compelling as anything I have ever read The author is a former river guide herself and is well acquainted with the Salmon river Her descriptions of river conditions, the environment, the experiences, and the personalities are wonderful. This compelling story portrays two river rats one a veteran salt and the other an aspirant on an epic journey to run the Salmon River in record time A real page turner, this book delves into the heart of risk, the reward of a river and why some people dedicate an entire lifetime to chasing a dream. I started this book on the second day of my Main Salmon trip and didn t know it was about the river While the river was only running at 5k, reading this book in my tent at night had me excite for a day of raging water Good read and great story of friendship and how rivers bring people together Excellent book, and a great example of how the mainstream publishing world just does not get it The author, in her acknowledgements says the work was rejected by nearly every other publisher in the world That s a shame, as Jo Deurbrouck s book is a very well written, exceptionally informative, and totally engaging look at not just a couple of notable characters who took river running to an extreme, but also of the land and waters that make up the Pacific Northwest I highly recommend this book and plan to give it to friends This is a book to be enjoyed by adventurers, and stay at home dreamers. It was interesting to read this right after I re read The Emerald Mile by Kevin Fedarko Different rivers and different terrain same whitewater river terrain lifestyle addiction sadly, different ending These people fascinate me.