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This was my first book from Dorothy Love and I was not deceived I really wasn t expecting such an intrigue and the suspense really drew me into the book from the very beginning The author really made sure the plot unfolds in such a way that every time you feel you got it figured out, you find out onepiece of information that keeps you wondering.I have to say that I haven t read many book that were able to keep the suspense throughout the whole book, but it was the case with A Respectable Actress.I also love the fact that the author really researched the period She even partly inspired some of her characters from real historical figures as she says in the Author s Note at the end of the book.I will surely check out Dorothy s other books I highly recommend this one Thanks to the author who provided me with a complimentary copy of the book. I have mixed feelings about this one there are a lot of things I liked and enjoyed, but also a handful of things that didn t work for me The Southern setting and history of the era was well described and fascinating, I really liked India s character and personality, and the plot was intriguing I had a difficult time with Phillip he was so likeable and quite heroic, but at times he pulled back and there was a lack of emotion The story is told from India s point of view, and I thinkcues to how he was feeling in those moments would have helped the romance not be so awkward The pacing didn t feel smooth to me, with scenes ending in the middle of observations and conversations that felt important but not resolved in the moment or later The climax of the outcome of the trial was satisfying, but thenclues kept cropping up, and it seemed like the story would never end as one secret after another came to light and had to be additionally resolved And then in the end, there was one left hanging So it was a bit frustrating to feel like the story was winding up, only to have in prolonged withchoppy pacing I definitely enjoyed the first half of the book , but had to keep reading to finish it all up Asuccinct wrapping up would have been appreciated I received a complimentary copy of the book all opinions expressed in this review are my own #READ PDF ⚝ A Respectable Actress ⚷ When The Illustrious India Hartley Is Accused Of Murder, She Has To Uncover The Deceptions Of Others To Save HerselfIndia Hartley, The Famous And Beautiful Actress, Is Now Alone In The World After Her Father S Death And Embarks Upon A Tour Of Theaters Across The South Her First Stop Is Savannah S Southern Palace On The Eve Of The Second Night S Performance, Something Goes Horribly Wrong Her Co Star, Arthur Sterling, Is Shot Dead On Stage In Front Of A Packed House, And India Is Arrested And Accused Of The CrimeA Benefactor Hires Philip Sinclair, The Best And Handsomest Lawyer In Savannah To Defend India A Widower, Philip Is Struggling To Reinvent His Worn Out Plantation On St Simons Island He Needs To Increase His Income From His Law Practice In Order To Restore Indigo Point, And Hardly Anything Will Bring Him New Clients Than Successfully Defending A Famous Actress On A Murder ChargeBecause India Can T Go Anywhere In Town Without Being Mobbed, Philip Persuades The Judge Handling Her Case To Let Him Take Her To Indigo Point Until Her Trial Date India Is Charmed By The Beauty Of The Georgia Low Country And Is Increasingly Drawn To Philip But A Locked Room That Appears To Be A Shrine To Philip S Dead Wife And The Unsolved Disappearance Of A Former Slave Girl Raise Troubling Questions Piecing Together Clues In An Abandoned Boat And A Burned Out Chapel, India Discovers A Trail Of Dark Secrets That Lead Back To Philip, Secrets That Ultimately May Hold The Key To Her Freedom If Only He Will Believe Her I have been looking forward to reading this book because so many people told me it was amazing Not only that, but it s one ofs best of the month AM So, I was ready India Hartley is an actress who is accused of murder Because of the reputation of actresses, the residents of Savannah, Georgia have prematurely made up their minds about her guilt Proving her innocence is up to famed lawyer, Phillip Sinclair.This book was pretty well done It is a historic novel and she definitely knows her history I did think that the relationship between India and Phillip was a bit forced I didn t really feel them falling in love and the kisses seemed to come out of nowhere I also felt like the supporting characters were not well written Other than that, it was a good read It kept my attention and I felt drawn to the main character I would definitely recommend as a light and fun read.Thank you, Litfuse, for giving me this book As always, this is my honest opinion Here s to many Reviewed at The Power of Words thoroughly enjoyed A Respectable Actress by Dorothy Love, an impressively well written story that features romance, mystery, suspense, and even some gothic overtones I ve always been a fan of gothic romances, so this was an added delight, as was the blend of murder mystery with the historical setting of Georgia s St Simons Island Although this story stands alone, those who have read The Bracelet will enjoy Celia Mackay s involvement with India s situation.From Savannah s Southern Palace Theater to Philip s St Simons plantation, Indigo Point, I found the historical detail fascinating and very well done India s character was inspired by the life of a 19th century actress, and Philip s plantation is modeled after King s Retreat, a large plantation on the southern tip of St Simons Island There s nothing predictable about A Respectable Actress, and readers will also love all the surprising twists and turns that Dorothy packs into this story I didn t feel much chemistry between Philip and India, yet I think there s an authenticity to Dorothy s writing and their romance fit the times They are likeable characters and I enjoyed the unfolding of their sweet relationship.The only thing that disappointed me was the seeming lack of a spiritual message, for this is why I read Christian fiction Philip and India s faith or belief system is never conveyed On the one hand, I felt this excellent, high quality story should be classified as clean rather than Christian fictionyet on the other hand, I could see a subtlety of faith applied through characters actions in caring for others Readers will have to decide for themselves.A Respectable Actress beautifully conveys historical elements in Georgia s lowcountry in a story that entertained throughout Recommended. About this bookWhen the illustrious India Hartley is accused of murder, she has to uncover the deceptions of others to save herself India Hartley, the famous and beautiful actress, is now alone in the world after her father s death and embarks upon a tour of theaters across the South Her first stop is Savannah s Southern Palace On the eve of the second night s performance, something goes horribly wrong Her co star, Arthur Sterling, is shot dead on stage in front of a packed house, and India is arrested and accused of the crime A benefactor hires Philip Sinclair, the best and handsomest lawyer in Savannah to defend India A widower, Philip is struggling to reinvent his worn out plantation on St Simons Island He needs to increase his income from his law practice in order to restore Indigo Point, and hardly anything will bring himnew clients than successfully defending a famous actress on a murder charge Because India can t go anywhere in town without being mobbed, Philip persuades the judge handling her case to let him take her to Indigo Point until her trial date India is charmed by the beauty of the Georgia low country and is increasingly drawn to Philip But a locked room that appears to be a shrine to Philip s dead wife and the unsolved disappearance of a former slave girl raise troubling questions Piecing together clues in an abandoned boat and a burned out chapel, India discovers a trail of dark secrets that lead back to Philip, secrets that ultimately may hold the key to her freedom If only he will believe her Series Technically no, but it is connect toThe Braceletby the same author.Spiritual Content A Scripture is quoted A few mentions of God A mention of Providence and a godsend The few H s when referring to God are capital A couple mentions of prayer Going to Church Mentions of a chapel that s burned to the ground and Church Mentions of men of the cloth Mentions of fake priests nuns It s said at the end that India s religious training had fallen to the wayside An officer says India ispretty andfamous than God Himself don t mean she ain t guilt as sinNote A room like shrine to a person The sayinghell hath no fury like a woman scornedis said A couple mentions ofgoin to the devilA couple mentions of a witch Mentions of ghosts, evil spirits superstitions Negative Content Minor cussing including a blasted , two shut up s, and two stupid s Mentions of curses said not written Philip curses as well Philip drinks at one point A murder, blood shooting up to semi detailed Pain, Blood a Knife semi detailed A suicide barely above not detailed Many mentions of perishing in a fire deaths barely above not detailed Many, many mentions of drunks, drinking spirits Many mentions of the Civil War barely above not detailed Mentions of switches bleeding Mentions of hanging barely above not detailed A couple mentions of throwing up soiled sheets barely above not detailed A mention of divorce A mention of brawling A mention of a drunk man coming after his wife with a knife not detailed Sexual Content two forehead hair kisses, a barely above not detailed kiss, and two semi detailed kisses Remembering a kiss semi detailed Touches, Nearness Embraces semi detailed Noticing Smelling a harlot and a hussies A mention of catching a man kissing another girl A mention of belonging to someone body soul A mention of a man spainted escortsMentions of bawdy theater houses inappropriate plays which India does not take part in Mentions of men who wink leer at women Mentions of a possible affair Love, falling in love the emotions India Hartley P.O.V of India Set in 1870 71 367 pages Pre Teens One StarNew Teens One StarEarly High School Teens Two StarsOlder High School Teens Three StarsMy personal Rating Three Stars Add a star for girls interested in law The history info on the courtroom the theater in this book was really neat I ve read one other Dorothy Love bookCarolina Gold , which I haven t reviewed and she has a unique writing educational almost style With this book, it was pretty clean for a murder mystery, but there was many, many mentions of drinking including Philip drinking at one point that made me, personally, uncomfortable I never was completely sold on Philip, so that s the main reason why my rating is low Also, on another note I m not a fan of the cover at all Faraway it s not so bad and you can make it out, but in your hands it looks a really messy painting Link to review BFCG may Read the review to see recommend this book by this author It does not mean I recommend all the books by this author I received this book for free from the Publisher Thomas Nelson for this review. This was a pretty good historical fiction for the most part I enjoyed it for the most part However, there were times that questions were answered and then all of a sudden a new surprise arises and then the quest is on for that answer Not that that is a bad thing It was just kind of funny, it was like, oh by the way.I really enjoyed the book though I hadn t really read anything from the time period right after the civil war where this takes place You have all these beautiful mansions and some are in disrepair and some aren t but a lot of them are missing furniture or other buildings that used to be on the property It just depends on which houses the soldiers went through Then you also have the owners and the slaves not really knowing how to treat each other as well All of that was wonderfully portrayed in this story Along with the main theme of an actress shooting an actor while on stage in front of an audience.It was definitely a different era and the author made me feel as though I was living it while I was reading this book I was time traveling while sitting at my desk The characters seemed very real to me and I could hear the swishing of their dresses as they came down the staircases.This was a great story and I enthusiastically recommend the book I sped through the pages as I had to know the outcome of the jury I felt as if I were the one on trial.Thanks Thomas Nelson for providing me a free copy of this book so that I can provide an honest review What a great afternoon I had reading this book I really enjoyed the pacing of A Respectable Actress It flowed very smoothly as I read it I also enjoyed the mysterious, deep south feeling of this book The author did a very good job at describing the scenery and making me feel that I was really back in early 1870 s Georgia This time period and the setting of post war St Simons Island, with its wide variety of residents, added a mysterious quality to the story that enhanced the feeling of restlessness that flowed throughout the book.The main characters, India and Philip, were very likable It was hard to watch as India was accused of murder And I was amazed at the speed with which the trial progressed This story, with its secretive twists and turns, kept my attention from start to finish I thought that the author did a very good job of dropping surprises here and there for the reader and creating a plot that was not easily solved because of the many players involved.Add in a bit of a sweet romance that began to brew in the midst of uncertainty and desperation, and I found A Respectable Actress to be a very enjoyable and mysterious read.I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review You can read this review on the Suspense Sisters blog I ve only read one other book by Dorothy Love, and I really enjoyed it, so was glad to get the opportunity to read A Respectable Actress While I wasn t completely enad, I still found the story to have some very compelling parts and worth the read.The story has a great mysterious overtone throughout the story I really enjoyed that quality in Dorothy s writing I also found the details about India s life as an actress, in a time when it wasn t a dignified profession, especially for women, to be intriguing and feel authentic The story starts off quite literally with a bang, as India is accused shooting one of the other cast members in a play during a scene I was almost immediately drawn in and read eagerly.However, once the story driftedinto the mystery of her lawyer Phillip Sinclair s home and past, strangely, I found myself losing interest There was nothing wrong with the story, and it was certainly interesting, but it wasn t always compelling for me for some reason.I think I had a hard time believing how all of the pieces of the mystery tied together Some of India s discoveries just felt a little convenient in the way that she made them and one of the big surprises just seemed odd in the way it came about I didn t completely buy the romance either while India s feelings were described, I never really felt any passion between the two of them.The faith aspect is actually a very light thread throughout, but heartfelt, and I felt it was true to India s character.Despite my qualms, I did still enjoy the book, and I m sure many other readers will too I definitely wouldn t mind readingof Dorothy Love s books at some point down the road. When there s a book about a murder mystery that s a historical fiction, you can count me in Mysteries are some of my favorite books to read I love trying to find all the clues and hints and who did what Lucky for me, the latest from Dorothy Love combines all of those elements I really enjoyed trying to figure out who was responsible for the murder There were some plot twists to the murder and mystery as well, and it was enough to keep me guessing Sometimes too many twists can pull down a novel, but that wasn t the case with this one It was the perfect amount I didn t connect too much with the relationship between Philip and India, but that didn t totally ruin the story for me It wasn t the focus of the novel for me, so I was still fully engrossed in it I wanted to know who killed the actor and why , so as I said, the story still worked.I liked a lot of the secondary characters as well As readers, we see a bitabout how life was in the South post Civil War and what an interesting time that was.Have you read any of Dorothy Love s books Who is one of your favorite Southern authors Thank you to Litfuse Publicity for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review Originally posted at