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Oh, this seemed so clich because I ve read other very similar books, but I loved it anyway.The story addresses bad vs good behavior, punishment a reasonable kind , and most of all the joy of being an artist, of seeing as an artist sees I also love the humor it s very funny.When Liza doesn t have her crayons to draw with any, at first the world looks gray, but then her inner artist seespossibilities.I love that the words denoting a color are printed in that color, and I love the illustrations I want to pet that dog The way the illustrations are done is so creative, and aesthetically appealing too.Oh, and I guess I m a bad adult, because I liked the way Liza s crayoned wall looked as well, though I do think the punishment fit the crime, and it s delightful that the punishment led to LIza s further artistic development.ETA I wanted to add that this story s message is not at all didactic in fact, it s the tiniest bit subversive AND also, the illustrator s biographical blurb on the inside back cover is quite amusing Text to Teaching Connection In this particular reading, I found the main character Liza to be very captivated by drawing inside of her coloring book daily, until it was suddenly taken away Meanwhile, throughout the book, I often found color recognition and or color association For example, Liza often associated a color with things, which can greatly help with children s learning ability as far as memory Liza then found a deeper appreciation for nature and the organic art that it possesses By doing so, children can often find beauty within nature It allows children to explore the unknowns of nature and to see things differently Art brings out a sense of creativity, imagination, and a form of expression One creative art activity that I would present would consist of, reading this book and allowing my children to go outside and draw anything that they see or comes to mind With doing so, I would also provide a multitude of art materials ex crayons, color pencils, markers etc In addition, as well as dirt, mud, rocks and leaves etc. After Liza draws on the wall, her mother takes her crayons away At first Liza can t imagine how she ll get through the day, but gradually she learns to see color and beauty in the world around her I really like the positive message about imagination and enjoyed seeing Liza s excitement at her discovery of the artistic potential of everyday objects and places However, I was a little bothered by Liza s destructive behavior in public places tearing up the flowers in the playground, smearing mud all over the basketball court Why is she out unsupervised I wasn t clear as to her exact age, but would imagine that if she is too young to know better than draw on walls and tear up plants that aren t hers, she would be too young to go to the park alone She seems to be out quite a long time Likewise, she covered several feet of wall before her mother noticed Doesn t this kid get any supervision What a wonderful concept that was delightfully carried out When our protagonist is so in love with color and drawing that she draws on the walls, her mother takes away her crayons for the day But, what I loved about this book, was that, by not having her crayons, our heroine must find the color in the world itself, and she is so creative that she discovers there areways to create art than with just crayons.This is great read anyway, but really great for buddings artists I really enjoyed this cute story of Liza, who loves her crayons She draws and colors all day long Then one day she runs out of paper and she draws on her bedroom wall Her mom takes her crayons away for the rest of the day Liza is so sad, she goes outside, and her day is gray literallythese pages are drawn in gray shades But then she gets grass stains on her pants and notices their shade of green She observes the color of the dandelions and smears them on her pants SOon she realizes the world is full of color and the illustrations match her awareness and she begins using found objects to create art, using her imagination and finding beauty all around her.This book made me think about The Boy on Fairfield Street and how Theodor Geisel Dr Seuss s mom allowed him to draw on his bedroom walls I think she wasn t wrong look how Dr Seuss turned out but I have definitely taken this mom s approach and not allowed the drawing on walls. I liked that she drawed, and the rainbow pants. .Epub ♗ A Day with No Crayons ♂ When Liza S Mother Takes Away Her Beloved Crayons, Her World Suddenly Goes Gray How Does The Budding Artist Repond She Squirts Her Toothpaste Angrily And Stomps Through Mud Puddles Through These Acts, Liza Inadvertently Creates Art And Eventually Discovers Color In The World Around HerLiza Loved Her Crayons She Treasured Turquoise, Adored Apricot, And Flipped Over Fuchsia There s a wonderful Harry Chapin song about a little boy whose art teacher insists that flower are red, and green fields are green , but he responds there are so many colors in the flowers, and I see everyone And that s the underlying message here to look beyond and discover ALL the colors in the world But kids will just enjoy the story of Liza, who loses her crayons for drawing on the walls and suddenly sees colors EVERYWHERE A Day with No Crayons was a clever idea I loved the use of all the colors I m not sure if Crayola colors can be trademarked, as I didn t see childhood favorites burnt sienna, brick red, or periwinkle in the story I adored the author s use of tickle me pink as an adjective for how Lila was feeling I wish there had beenof that That said, I don t like it when characters laugh a sentence For example, And this isn t dandelion yellow, she laughed It should have been, And this isn t dandelion yellow She laughed Additionally, I feel like this book was writtenfor parents who read to their kids than the children who listen to them I did not like the illustrations, and not just because Lila looked like a boy The colored pages just weren t vibrant like the colors woven into the text, but to be fair, the story wasabout Lila finding a new way of expressing her creativity because we don t always have the tools we re comfortable with and the show must go on, as they say Crayons showcased Lila s resourcefulness Now I m not an art expert, but one of the other reviewers mentioned that one of Lila s creations resembled the work of Jackson Pollock even though his art looks like a child s finger painting, I can still appreciate the homage. I think this is an excellent concept picture book for children below the age of five It relays and important life lesson and inspires creativity in children The book follows Liza s journey after her mother takes her beautiful crayons from her In a tantrumous whirlwind of emotions, Liza realizes the other ways to create in the world The images are not exactly realistic, however they are appropriate for young children to enjoy A possible idea for this in the classroom would be to read the book aloud and then give each table a random assortment of items and ask them to make art to be displayed in the classroom.